“DriveStone installed the Stone Binder system to our driveway and pathway. It has bought new life and value to our property”

“My children were constantly suffering from sore falls and splinters caused by the bark chip under our swing set. Since I had DriveStone Rubber Bark system installed, there are no more painful bumps and splinters”

Whats the Difference?

There are two methods of applying a resin-based surface; they are referred to as Resin Bound and Resin Bonded.

Resin Bonded systems are more easily understood as “Scattercoat” or “Surface Dressing”.
Resin Bound systems are more easily understood as “Trowelled” systems.

Both systems require there to be an existing base to which the resin system can be applied as an overlay. This base or substrate can be existing tarmac, asphalt or concrete that has been cleaned and prepared. The preferred base varies from both products, but in general the preferred base is either bitmac or concrete.

Resin Bonded System (Scatter-Coat System or Surface Dressing)
The resin system is applied to the fully prepared surface by brush, roller or squeegee and the desired aggregate is then cast upon the surface whilst the resin is still tacky (before it sets). The aggregates used can be either natural or coloured up to 6mm in size. Once cured the loose aggregates are then swept clean and a clear seal coat is applied which makes the system UV stable and totally bound.

The finished system provides an attractive, hardwearing, low maintenance surface which is designed to give the appearance of loose aggregates without the associated maintenance problems.

scattered stone system whats the difference bonded system

Resin Bound System (Trowel Applied System)
The resin bound system uses a clear UV stable resin binder, which is mixed in a forced action mixer with the desired blend of aggregates. The system is then applied by trowel to the prepared surface to a minimum depth of 12mm.

The finished system provides a durable, hardwearing decorative surface. This particular system is ideal for combining different edging stones or granite blocks into the system to give a decorative, aesthetically pleasing finish.

trowel applied stone system whats the difference bound system

The resin on both systems sets relatively quickly (usually within 2 hours) so it is extremely important that the systems are spread, levelled and smoothed before the resin cures. Both systems can cause failure if the surface has not been fully prepared or installed correctly. Therefore, it is not recommended that these systems are applied for your own DIY purposes or by in-experienced contractors. For this reason DriveStone offers a complete service through our experienced in-house application team or fully approved DriveStone regional contractor.