“DriveStone installed the Stone Binder system to our driveway and pathway. It has bought new life and value to our property”

“My children were constantly suffering from sore falls and splinters caused by the bark chip under our swing set. Since I had DriveStone Rubber Bark system installed, there are no more painful bumps and splinters”

Stone Tree Pit


DriveStone Tree Pit System is a decorative resin bound stone system designed for the infill of tree pits. DriveStone Tree Pit System provides an attractive, low maintenance surface using a wide range of decorative mixed stone.

DriveStone Tree Pit System uses a high strength UV stable resin where stone can be used to form an attractive highly permeable tree pit. This system allows the ingress of water through the tree pit to enable the tree to thrive without hindering its growth. The resin and desired stones are mixed together and then trowel applied to 40mm thickness onto a permeable base course.

DriveStone Tree Pit System can work in conjunction with traditional cast iron grates by applying the resin bound system in-between each section of the metal grates. Alternatively, the metal grates can be removed altogether and the resin bound tree pit surface applied to the total tree pit area giving a hardwearing system.

  • Natural looking
  • Decorative
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Low maintenance
stone tree pit stone tree pit