“DriveStone installed the Stone Binder system to our driveway and pathway. It has bought new life and value to our property”

“My children were constantly suffering from sore falls and splinters caused by the bark chip under our swing set. Since I had DriveStone Rubber Bark system installed, there are no more painful bumps and splinters”

Rubber Bark Tree Pit


Typical Uses
DriveStone Rubber Bark Tree Pit is ideal for the application onto tree pits of all sizes and can work in conjunction with traditional cast iron grates.

Visually Pleasing
DriveStone Rubber Bark Tree Pit System not only offers a visually appealing finish it is also reduces litter and mess that generally builds up in these areas. The completed tree pit provides a seamless and flexible surface whilst providing a natural looking finish.

This system allows the ingress of water through the stone, allowing the tree to grow and thrive.

DriveStone Rubber Bark Tree Pit System is flexible and can therefore tolerate the movement brought about by the trees growth.

rubber bark tree pit rubber bark tree pit