“DriveStone installed the Stone Binder system to our driveway and pathway. It has bought new life and value to our property”

“My children were constantly suffering from sore falls and splinters caused by the bark chip under our swing set. Since I had DriveStone Rubber Bark system installed, there are no more painful bumps and splinters”

Conformable Tape

Conformable Tape Information

DriveStone Conformable Tape is an ingenious non slip tape ideal for use on chequer plate steps and any areas that require the texture to remain.

The conformable material for DriveStone Conformable Tape is constructed from a soft aluminium foil base the top is then coated with aluminium oxide grit.

Once DriveStone Conformable Tape has been applied it contours to the texture of the substrate, as it has a foil base it has no memory so will not lift off.

DriveStone Conformable Tape is suitable for Do it Yourself at home applications.

  • High Quality Product
  • Conforms to Substrate Texture
  • Flame Retardant
  • Anti Slip

DriveStone can cut a roll of Conformable Tape to any width from 19mm to over 1m.

DriveStone Conformable Tape standard sizes are rolls of 50mm and 100mm at a length of 18.3m.

DriveStone Conformable Tape comes in three industry specified colours; black, yellow or black/yellow hazard, although we can make to any Pantone® or RAL colour on special request.

safety tape conformable tape colours

conformable tape
Conformable Tape Retail Price
50mm x 18.3m £54.00
100mm x 18.3m £108.00

*All prices exclude VAT. Prices are subject to change without notice.